2020 has been historic and unprecedented for all who value health and fitness. No other time has there a disruption in the millions of lives of gym-goers such as COVID-19. We’ve had our routines of either yoga, cross-fit, and/or our local gyms cut short since all venues closed. Heavy weights were substituted for limited weights or calisthenics. Elliptical machines and indoor tracks were replaced with running outdoors in the Las Vegas heat! Those preferring group classes had to find alternative ways to stay motivated and engaged. As it stands, gyms and fitness studios are permitted to re-open. Here are 5 locations to check out!

Pure Barre

1875 Festival Plaza Drive Suite 220. Las Vegas, Nevada 89135


Pure Barre focuses on lifestyle and community. The philosophy is small movements that result in big changes. Taught by highly trained teachers, classes feature four formats that deliver an effective total body workout with low-impact, high-intensity movements to lift and tone muscles, improving strength, agility, and flexibility. Here are four classes offered. Foundation – A small group class that introduces basic movements. Classics – This group is 50 minutes of Pure Barre full-body workout for long and lean muscle toning without the bulk. Pure Empower – A fusion of Barre and interval training to elevate heart rate and rev up metabolism. 45 minutes of multi-directional, dynamic movements with ankle weights and plyometric platforms to target muscle groups simultaneously. Pure Reform – 50 minutes of resistance training utilizing resistance bands, sliders, and Barre techniques. These workouts are sure to challenge your strength, coordination, and balance.

VEGAS HOT! Yoga and Pilates Studio

5875 South Rainbow Boulevard. Las Vegas, Nevada 89118


Vegas Hot! is Las Vegas’s premiere yoga and Pilates studio. One of its core principles is to provide hot yoga and individual fitness attention for diverse needs. More than 150 classes are offered each week in a variety of styles. Its full functional fitness rooms provide members with state-of-the-art machines and premiere weights. for yoga, there are four standard high-intensity sequences and 3 heated classrooms for intense sessions. Members interested in martial arts are treated with Olympic standard Judo/Jiu-Jitsu mats.

Yaks Fitness

7375 South Durango Drive #101. Las Vegas, Nevada 89113


Yaks Fitness has built a reputation for its professionalism and cleanliness. The staff prides themselves on working with professional and amateur athletes to meet performance goals and expectations. Not and athlete? Do you have aspirations to push yourself to elevate potential? Or, do you just want a change to a healthier lifestyle? Whatever the motivation, Yaks Fitness offers personal training, group classes, and sports nutrition/diets to guide you.

Omalza Fitness

6675 South Teneya Way Suite 230. Las Vegas, Nevada 89113


In every city, there’s a gym that its main purpose is to get you off the couch and into better shape. Omalza fitness is one such gym. No gimmick just results! Of course, results vary upon effort. That being said, this environment has a sense of accountability. Every class session, members have goals and everyone encourages one another to complete set goals. A true community gym! Owner and master personal trainer, Ian Omalza, is living his dream of helping others improve quality of life through customized nutrition and exercise.

Phase 1 Sports

7770 Dean Martin Drive #307. Las Vegas, Nevada 89139


Created for athletes by athletes. Phase 1 Sports is a facility that specializes on taking talented and aspiring athletes to the next level. Co-founded by a former UNLV running-back star, Michael Waters, the vision was to work with youth athletes in the Las Vegas Valley. His business partner, Mark Hennes, understood the benefits of performance training. Together, they knew their passion for sports performance can improve a young athlete’s character on the field and in life. As both grew with experience, they were inspired to open their services to the community public. If you are prepping your son or daughter for an event or you’re needing that extra push, Phase 1 Sports offers proven scientific methods to get you to that level.