As everyone knows, one of the top things to do in Las Vegas is to grab a drink. Whether you’re in Summerlin, Green Valley, Southern Highlands, or in the outskirts of Lake Las Vegas we all have told our friends or coworkers this age-old statement, ‘Let’s meet for drinks!’. The city that never sleeps has never been short on where to meet up for some casual craft beers, classic cocktails, or that signature mixed drink that makes you drive across town. From gaming bars to plush cocktail bars, this vibrant metropolis offers an atmosphere for all drinkers. Put on your favorite team jersey or get classy with some friends and let’s live it up at the best bars in Las Vegas!


1225 South Main Street.  Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Stashed in the vintage real estate of The Arts District is a bar well known for its unique personality – Rebar. This creative bar theme came from an owner who figured the entire bar can be bought! Literally everything! About the only item that can’t be bought are the bartenders. If someone comes in and wants to purchase the barstools, counter-tops, toilet…yes – toilet, or even a 10-pack of blue masks, it can be purchased! In fact, there are over 500+ products that is open to purchase. Oh, did I mention its a bar? From local craft beers to varieties of liquors, all are up for grabs.

Oak & Ivy

707 Fremont Street.  Las Vegas, Nevada 90101

Oak & Ivy is an American craft whiskey cocktail bar located in the bustling Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas. While listening to live entertainment, come and experience what exquisite bourbon and mixed drinks can be. ‘Smoke n Spice, Nothing Nice’, an “old-fashioned” style cocktail with BBQ Rub, best represents the diverse selection. Both classics and crafted drinks are created with high-quality fresh seasonal ingredients, homemade garnishes, and an attention to detail that borders obsession. This downtown hangout features a selection of barrel-aged cocktails, rare beers and spirits. Every libation created can relate to your inner mixologist or just your thirst for cocktail art and history. For a lesson on what Oak & Ivy offers, Gregory Rodriguez is the bartender aficionado to take notes from.

The man, the myth, the legend…Chief mixologist of The Golden Tiki, Adam Rains!

The Golden Tiki

3939 Spring Mountain Road.  Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

In the heart of Chinatown, one hangout stands alone, The Golden Tiki bar. In just over 5 years, it has amassed a number of local followers and gained national notoriety as more out-of-state bar enthusiasts catch wind of its presence in Las Vegas as a bar to stop in for a taste of Tiki cocktails. One such drink? ‘Trial by Fire’ with its Elijah Craig Bourbon and Chardonnay syrup on crushed ice!  Bartenders such as Jason Hughes will capture the attention as he meticulously prepares it. From the first ingredient to its last touch of a garnish, appreciation will come into mind as you savor the simple complexity of flavors coursing through your pallet. Just imagine laying out in the Caribbean Sea, sailing with William Tobias FAULKNER! Just be careful! You may forget how many you’ve ordered!

Three Sheets Craft Beer Bar

1115 South Casino Center Boulevard.  Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

You and friends looking for an atmosphere to relax and perhaps, make new ones? If yes, then Three Sheets is at the center of The Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. Do you prefer craft beers on tap? Three Sheets has two patios as well as a Biergarten Courtyard to enjoy 30 taps to taste what local Las Vegas Brewers and other brewers across America has to offer. Owned by 2 self-proclaimed beer geeks, this is a location where you can share and experience their passion for craft beer!

Let’s go back…back in time!

Atomic Liquors

917 Fremont Street.  Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Atomic bar is the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas. Built in 1945 and formally known as Virginia’s Café, founders Joe and Stella Sobchik soon realized customers weren’t there for the food but, were more interested in the ‘Atomic cocktail” secret-ingredient! In 1952, Atomic Liquors was born as they renamed the business. With its one-of-a-kind landmark neon sign, people and celebrities alike, came to enjoy cocktails as they watched nuclear blasts go off from the nearby atomic sites! They are known for an extensive and rare beer program as well as seasonal craft cocktails. Check them out and ask about their Sour Saturday beer fest and their Speakeasy party that MUST BE on the eve of Repeal Day (December 4th). Experience the 1930s from the drinks, the music, and attire! Just make sure you have the secret password!